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Six plugins available now, we will provide more plugins soon, also you can develop your own plugins to fit your needs.
  • SmartStart.Plugin.Shortcut: use this plugin to let you just type some char to launch an app.
  • SmartStart.Plugin.Mapping: use this plugin to define your custom shortcut, like: if you define g=, when you type 'g', will launched.
  • SmartStart.Plugin.Rss: use this plugin to consume rss feeds.
  • SmartStart.Plugin.SearchEngine: use this plugin to let you easy switch between search engines by press TAB key
  • SmartStart.Plugin.FileSystemBroswer: use this plugin to easy broswer filesystem.
  • SmartStart.Plugin.Translator: Use this plugin the translate english to chiness or chiness to english when press left SHIFT key.


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